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Is your website speed hurting your search engine optimization?

You’ve been there right? You’ve typed in the URL you want to go to… you’ve clicked the link… the screen turns white and you wait. One… two… three… four… finally the website appears, but you were just about to click on to another destination. Your website’s load time can have a very significant impact on…

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A few things to consider before building a “free” website

The ads are everywhere, and surely you’ve seen them.  “You can build a website in just a few minutes, and it’s totally free!”   “Why pay a website designer when you can use our service to build your brand new website with just a few easy clicks?” Sounds simple, what’s the catch?  Well, as it turns…

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Random Acts of Flowers

Five Questions to ask Before Starting Your Website Design Project

Making the decision to develop a brand new website for your business or organization is serious business. You’re going to invest some time, energy, and money to create a new online home, so of course you want to do things the right way. At New Frame Creative, a successful project means a finished product that…

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Demi's Animal Rescue

December Update

While we clearly haven’t been busy writing blog posts, we have certainly been keeping busy with projects for our amazing clients! As 2015 winds down, here are a few highlights from the past few months: DEMI’S ANIMAL RESCUE In early December, we were thrilled to launch a brand new website for Denver, CO based animal…

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – When Will I See Results?

Whenever we speak to a client about doing Search Engine Optimization, one question that inevitably is always asked is “When will we begin to see results?”. It is of course a smart question to ask. Every day your business or organization isn’t showing up on the front page of the Google search results is costing…

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New Frame Creative – The Name Explained

“What does it mean?” It’s a question I’ve been asked more than a few times when I’ve spoken the name of this new adventure to family and friends. I find it interesting that there is an expectation of a deeper meaning behind the name I have chosen, and I suppose I should take that as…

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CASE STUDY – Sarah McAffry Photography

Sarah McAffry is an award winning photographer who has been voted Knoxville’s best by Cityview Magazine, published in national magazines, and published in several online publications including Wedding Chicks, Weddings Unveiled, Ruffled Blog, Baby Lifestyles and more. Sarah has a WordPress based website for her business which she has done a great job of designing…

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5 Things We Need To Know Before Designing Your Website

When potential clients contact us, one of the first questions asked is usually some variant of “How much does a website cost?”  This is a good question, but before we can answer it, we need to ask a few questions of our own.  Similar to buying a car or a home, it all depends on…

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Do You Need A Web Design Agency?

There are many factors to be taken into consideration when thinking about designing your own website, and the decision to go it alone, should not be one that you take lightly. Nowadays, with websites being way more interactive than they ever used to be, they need to be updated more frequently to keep site visitors up to…

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