Monique Brickham

Graphic Designer

Monique specializes in print design, specifically publication design and brand identity design. She is an organizer, someone who loves to create order out of chaos, which lends itself exceptionally well to page layout. She finds deep satisfaction in conceptualizing and arranging the complex elements of a publication into a comprehensive, unique, and aesthetically appealing design, whether it be a tri-fold brochure or a 60-page magazine.

As a visual communicator, Monique prides herself on creating logos and other brand elements that reinforce the message and tone that represent the business. She understands the value and importance of a consistent look throughout the span of marketing materials that a business uses. She works hard to develop design concepts that are flexible enough to be applied to any piece the business might need, yet still maintain a sense of unity and harmony when looking at the entire collection of marketing materials.

Monique earned her MFA in Graphic Design from the University of Minnesota Duluth in 2012. Since then, she has worked as a creative director, graphic designer, and design instructor. In her spare time, Monique enjoys playing volleyball, reading, and going on adventures with her husband, Brian, and two step-children, Hailey and Quenten.