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At New Frame Creative, we know how frustrating tech can be sometimes. And with all of the online marketing software out there – Facebook Ad Campaigns, Mail Chimp, WordPress, and more – learning how to use it all can feel downright overwhelming.

We love making your life easier. So instead of spending your lunch hour trying to decipher your marketing software of choice, why not join us for a New Frame Focus class, instead?

Each month we’ll feature an online marketing topic, ranging from newsletter programs to content management systems. We hold our classes at our new West Knoxville brick & mortar.

Classes cost $35 each and include a catered lunch, drinks, and dessert.

Upcoming Classes


Wednesday, February 20th – Advanced Fusion Builder Techniques
(For those using the Avada Theme on WordPress only) – If you’re using a WordPress site running the Avada theme, you’re already aware of how simple the Fusion Buildler is to use. You likely know how to add and edit text, swap out images, embed videos, add spacing, and maybe a few other basics. If you’re ready to step up your game and take a deep dive into all of the different elements at your fingertips with Fusion Builder, this is the class for you. During our one hour class, we’ll teach you how to add stylish photo stripes, pop-up content boxes, animated counters, testimonial features, tabs and accordions, custom charts, and more. We’ll also demonstrate how to add simple animations to your website to help bring your content to life.

Wednesday, March 27th – Using Instagram Stories to Grow Your Brand
Ready to step up your brand’s impact on Instagram?   Instagram stories are an incredible way to build your brand, grow your audience, and reach new people.  In this one hour class, we will explore why your brand should be using Instagram stories, help you develop a strategy, learn how to create stories that look great and impress your audience, discuss strategies to drive traffic to your website, and we’ll also discuss some useful free tools for creating visuals for your Instagram stories.   If you’re ready to explore this powerful new marketing platform, this class will give you the tools you need to be successful.

Wednesday, April 24th – Mastering MailChimp
One of our most popular classes from 2018 is returning in 2019.  In this course we will dive into the MailChimp platform and learn several advanced functions, far beyond just sending emails to your mailing list.  We’ll learn how to setup automated drip campaigns to save you time, how to connect mailing lists to specific functions on your website (such as e-commerce… we can automatically create a mailing list made up of people who buy your products and then automatically send them email), how to create pop-up forms for email list signups, how to use MailChimp at live events to grow your list, how to Integrate MailChimp with Facebook, and more!  MailChimp is a powerful platform with new features being added all the time.  Don’t miss out on the many ways this incredible platform can help you communicate better and save you time.  Become a MailChimp Master!

Wednesday, May 22nd – Google MyBusiness Master Class – How to Improve your Rankings and Get More Reviews for Free!
Did you know that one of the most powerful tools for ranking higher on Google and improving your status on Google Maps is absolutely free to use and available to every business and organization with a website?  Google MyBusiness is something you may have used to look at your Google Reviews or to add your business address and hours, but there is so much more you can do with this platform.  In this class, we’ll cover all of it!  With minimal effort, you’ll be able to improve your visibility and make it much easier for your audience to communicate with you.  We’ll even show you how you can allow potential customers to send you a text message directly from a Google search!   This class is sure to leave you saying “I had no idea you could do that” more than once.   Also, please note that Google MyBusiness is equally useful for nonprofit organizations and is not limited to just businesses.